Martin and "The General"

The Art of Falconry is the taking of wild quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained raptors.

Where is the lure of falconry?  Does it hide within the eyes of the predator or of the prey?  Is it in the capture or the escape?  Perhaps it is within all of these and more.

The natural inclination of hawks and falcons, and therefore should be the passion for all falconers and rehabilitators, is to catch wild game.

Rehabilitators and the general public have to understand that wild raptors must kill and consume live prey to survive.  Predation is a life and death game between predators and prey.  It is a game that is played out countless times each day, yet one which is rarely witnessed by human eyes.  Through the art of falconry we bring ourselves closer to that most primitive yet fascinating aspect of nature.

The rehabilitation of raptors is a relatively new endeavor but a falconer’s training is rooted in times past.  Knowledge is passed down from masters to apprentices just as it has been for thousands of years. It is not an easy process to control a wild bird of prey.  It usually takes years to develop the skills to become an accomplished falconer. 

North American Kestrel